Sitting next to the window, reminiscing the past as the wind superbly blows; the clock alarmed warning that it was exactly 7:30 in the morning. A girl arrived to the room. “HI! . I brought you breakfast. Are you emoting again?” She said. ‘’Oh! Scar, you’re here!. Why don’t you knock the door first? It’s trespassing.” I asked smiling. “Wow? Hello, you left your door opened so I came in instead of knocking” she replied “Come on! Eat your breakfast. We will be late for office.” She added. “Are you in a hurry? Hmm Wait I’ll go dress first, partner!” I said gladly as if I never sense sorrow.
I was a man who could not move on from my past; for me it was packed with my prime mistakes. I grew up with my Aunt who lived in London now and her fiancé. My family died when I was 17-years-old. For me to live alone be like to live in a faraway place where there is no bright; no voice to be heard. I was at all times hopeless and a silent guy. I was always out of my mind and my girlfriend tried to comprehend me but time comes when she gave up on me.

It was bad climate that night when thunders were loudly splitting and the rain pouring extremely. Instead of driving, I chose to walk home and enjoy the pouring rain as I suffered the misery. People in the street were staring at me “hey, boy!. Here’s the umbrella!” an old woman offered me but I just ignored her.
When Scarlett heard about my parting with my girlfriend, she felt so upset since she knows me better. She was afraid for what I might do on behalf of the problem I had then. She calls me on the phone but I rejected it. So she did not meditate twice to go to my house even with that kind of weather. When she finally arrived, I was not around.
Scarlett had been barely thorough for me everywhere till she found me nearby the tree sitting on the old wooden-chair. I was drunk, crying, and wets through the pouring rain. Scarlett ran towards me sheltering me with her umbrella. . “ Scar, why are you here? It’s raining. Just leave me alone.” I said as I pushed her away. “No. I won’t leave you here until you don’t come with me. “She replied. “What happened to you, Mark? What made you like that?” She asked me. Then I begin to confess my feeling. “Scar, I want time traveller. Come along with me to go over my past. Help me fix out my mistakes there.” I stressed as my emotion made my tears drops. “You’re definitely insane! Wake up, Mark. You are no longer in the past. You are here now in this moment.” Scarlett cries as she explained me. “You just don’t know!” I shout. “Scar, My father died because of me and my mother commits suicide because of me, too.” I revealed then.
It was on midnight January 9, 1984, fives college students trespassed our house. They would kill me for my fault of stolen a girlfriend that I don’t even do. Unfortunately, as my Father fought with them as he save me with my mother; he was shouted by gun. I escaped with my mother but months later, my mother’s mourning pushed her to commit suicide.
“I really miss my family, Scar.” . Scarlett lay down my head on her shoulder and wipes off my tear and comports me. “past is not made to destroy our life today. It is made to be our lane that guides us towards future. If it is bad, learn from it. If it is good, appreciate it. But don’t live in there because you will never notice what you have today and the time you wasted. Don’t let your life be messed just because of your mournful past. Wherever your family is, they are indeed happy seeing you successful now. Let go of that bad memory. Create good memory today. It can cover bad memories you have… Just more concentration for now” Scarlett added.
I face the world with grief and sorrows. Until one day, the airplane where I was aboard had crashed. Fortunately, I survived from the incidents. Scarlett heard about it. She hurriedly went to the hospital where I admitted. The doctor explained that my brain injured by the accident thus leads me to coma.

After almost 10 months, finally I returned conscious. Scarlett immediately called the Doctor but I held her hand too tight as if I couldn’t see her again.. “Thank you for everything. Forgive me that I didn’t realize before how special you are for me. Scar, What I would like to do this time, is to create good memories with you and with all the things I have now. I would like to live the rest of my life free from my past!” I stressed with smile.
Carrying the white roses, standing in front of the golden glazing tile, Scarlett visit her husband’s grave and that was me. “Thank You for the memories. I know our time then was too short. But You proved me how forever exist even just in a second. You don’t know how thankful I am to love you and love me as I do. Your memories with me would stay forever alive in my heart. It just barely to know the fact that you are no longer exist in this world. But I have to. Because I know we will see each other again one day. Happy birthday, Mark!. I love you and I will always do.” She whispered emotionally.
The clock alarmed. “Mark, wake up!” a voice of a mother. “Ha, mother? Am I in heaven? Ha? Are we still alive?” I asked sudden with big eyes. “Oh, my dear son. What nightmare you have to ask me with that serious thing? We are still alive son. So come on! Hurry you’ll be late.” My mother stressed. “For what?” I asked. “It’s your best friend‘s birthday.” She explained as she goes outside the room.

“Scar’s birthday but wait that was just a nightmare?”

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