Unity to Devine Sulu by: John Mark R. Julaspi

Tausug originated Sulu as stunning and ventilates living in. There are fresh and great taste foods from different foothills, the air is decent to be huffed, mainly the island that fascinated everyone by its vibrant sea and sand. The Maubuh Beach, Bangas Island (?) and Bualuh beach are just one of the prodigious models of magnificent residences originated in Sulu that are respectable for bonding with family, friends, love one otherwise for celebration of birthday party or graduation day.

Unfortunately, because of the presence of the terrorists’ assemblage at altered places of Sulu this turned out to be impasses for some or everyone who is bodily or out of its place. Moreover, Because of some insincere and corrupt employees in the government SULU just about to extent the lowermost assessment of advancement otherwise development where worries determined to come about but though it is still quiet safe and progressive through the initiative of some good employees in the government and the people, certainly there are several who sense ruthless about SULU even just to perceive its forename. But how can we stop possessions from impasses? How can we sustain elevation in Sulu? And how can we reoccurrence or have the good discernment of someone else about SULU?

Yet, we can merely maintain harmony and elevation in SULU if we tausug believe mainly to ourselves that we can scope and catch optimistic way for the diplomatic of our land. Why not think for love, acceptance, and forgiveness? Why not forget hurt and competitiveness? These are behaviors we need. If we only excuse someone who upset us or someone who committed depraved means on us and then if we only are a good one and let angry not regulate in our concentration that might commit immoral one, why should not harmony be if we only adopt it?

Cooperation or else unity will reoccurrence and be devouring the good discernment of everyone who thinks SULU isn’t safe place. As other see how we people in it have a worthy affiliation with each other, they can deliberate us benediction where we respect individually. As such they won’t feel risky where we are viewing them how we veneration our own selves mainly our land as a substitute; they will be encouraged by the deeds we revealed to them.


Tausug! let’s wake up! Rest from asleep on the bed with an incredible imaginings, Magnificence in Sulu might be ruined; progression and development might be extent pathetic if we don’t ensure anxiety and give aid with it. Troubles possibly will come to be greater and greater over the unawareness of individuals about ecological issue and concern. The government at the same time needs us; our collaboration with them is dominant required. So don’t just let depraved incident occurs in our land. Let’s not be blinded! LET’S BE AWARE!

photo credited to https://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/travel/ph-travel/76548-sulu-province-travel-philippines


23 thoughts on “Unity to Devine Sulu by: John Mark R. Julaspi

  1. the tausog people are very nice and i have been there during our leadership training while rooming around we have been notice that some of the people are very kind should i say friendly their are nice and actually the foods are very delicious like my favorite the tyulah sapih they call its so Delicious and the beach there are so wonder full and i have a lot of fun in sulu and i guest sulu have a lot of beautiful places to go


  2. Hi Bagay!
    Thank you for making a blog for our homeland, looking forward it will help to show up our place that one of the peaceful and tranquility place. And the people of Sulu one of the most hospitable as well as respectful not a warrior.


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