Until it was told


By John Mark Radjani Julaspi

“Diversity triggered animosity nevertheless it will top you to triumph if you only meet what’s value behind it. “


“You okay?” An unfamiliar girl asked. “Ya, I’m fine.” I smiled at her as she takes a seat beside me. “Well, I’m Jacky”. “I’m Ven. Nice to meet you, Jacky.” I greeted her. “Can I help you to fix that?” She insisted. “Ya, of course I’ve been fixing it since last week unfortunately, up until now I’m not yet finished.” This was how our first dialogue done. Jacky has a straight long hair with five inches bangs that made me seen her face vague, wearing a red long blouse with a white shirt under it. I guess she was computer engineering student.

“Hey! Ven, what are you doing there?” yelled my friend from a far. “I’m fixing my project with…. Huh? Wait, where is she?” I looked around. He asked, “Who?” “The girl” I replied.

12:30 noon exact when the bill rang.

“Oh! Ven, why so rush? Are you going to see your ex?” he chuckled.

“Nope, I just have to pass this project to Ms. Ma. I’ll be back later, ok. Just wait me for launch. “

Ms. Ma went to the register after her classes hence I went there to look for her but wait, that girl sat underneath the Nara tree appears so familiar. It was Jacky. But OMG! She was parting.

“Jacky, wait! Wait! “. I yelled. She rotated from her right when she heard the voice calling. “HI!” to end she saw me. “Nice to meet you again, where have you been these days, I never seen you since we met each other then?” holding my gasp, I was exhausted running towards her. “UH, I was just busy, Ven.” She gives details. “Wearing that uniform again?” I made a joke someway. “Oh. I have to go, sorry!” She quickly left. “Hey, wait. When can I say you again?”

She was weird, she has permanently wearing her uniform even it was weekend. I had seen her rare at school in due course but we turned out to be friends maybe she was so nice to me.

“Guys, I want you to meet my new friend, Jacky!.” I said. “Jacky? Where?” with a broaden eyes asking me shockingly. “Here, huh? What? Wait, she was just here earlier. I have to look for her, wait for a minute..” I pleased. “Guys, I guess Ven grew into mad after he breaks up with Perry. Doesn’t he? Look at him acting like that now? HE IS WEIRD. “Stella rumored..

One Day at Canteen.

“Ven, I have creepy news for you.” He drew near me with full of perspiration. “What’s that?” I got curious. “Jacky Villas is not mortal.” It has somewhat certainly strange on my friend. “What do you mean?”. “Here, read this old magazine of our university. “Jacky Villas found dead at CAS Building Room 203 on November 14, 2001. Nothing could point out the suspect but most of the students and stuffs alleged it was suicide silence. NO!, this can’t be! It’s impossible!” I was identically bothered for everything I had read. “Seriously, she came to you; perhaps she wishes for justice. She needs your help. There was rather behind her death, I guess.” Stella told me tensely.

At Comport Room

Angelo excused from the group by a call of nature. Nevertheless, he saw Jacky went gently like she was floating in the air towards the Girl’s Comport room. Sounds terrible as the bill in the church buzzing, yet it seems so dimmed when the lights off. 5:36 p.m. turned into more noticeably. At the moment he trailed her to the room. He looked everywhere first to discover security. To end, he used his pen to hit her if Jacky wishes to murder him. He counts 1,2,3 before he acquired inside.

“Huh? Who are you? Uh..” The girls in the room screamed. “No.. No.. it’s ok…” Angelo becomes cautious. Jacky wasn’t there anymore. He didn’t even see someplace she passed by. It ended him more horrified.

At the moment I can’t sleep for it. Now I see why she was wearing always her uniform, why she was always alone at school, why I was her only friend because she was a lost ghost from 2001 at all. After a week later, I forcedly went to Jacky’s home.

“Please be seated.” Her mother said. “Thank You.” I smiled. “I am so glad that my daughter has a good friend like you. I never expect it before.” She stressed. “Ya, she was so kind to me.” Warmly explained her of all I knew about Jacky. “Come with me, I have something to show you. “ I followed her. She shown me Jacky’s journal. “Before she left, she gives me this. She said to give it to her lone friend and I’m certain it was you, Ven.” hence I read the journal.

Dear Diary,

Treating me like I’m not worthy for the whole thing-Just as I’m far different. I’m not hurt. I’m holding my tears closely not to drop but emotionally, I feel like I am broken into countless bits. I don’t know how to get annoyed; I can’t stopover myself from smiling to made-up I’m not insulted yet I’m fine. But then I typically recall those things when I’m by myself. When will be the while to feel I’m not rejected, intimidated and discriminated? When will be the while I can feel my value?

  • Jacky

“What was wrong to Jacky?” I asked further.

“She was an introverted girl because she was far diverse from everybody not only by facial appearance, but all she had. She was disappointed the way she looks. They even disrespect her knowing she was from other tribe. It was surely hard to alter for her at school. She was hesitated to share her concepts in the class scared to be wrong besides everyone laugh at her pronunciation. My daughter was a generous girl she treasured her friends more than herself but they don’t valued her. Everyone rejected, bullied and discriminated her.” Her mother explained same emotive. “Huh? I’m sorry for that Ms. Villas.” I was really moved by that story, moreover.


My friend’s moment when I was at that juncture with Ms. Villas:

“My God it’s very bad!. Where is Ven?” Angelo asked disgracefully to the group.

“He is at jacky’s House at this time.” Stella explained.

“No! This can’t be call him now!.” Angelo’s terrified said

“What’s wrong?” Daniel Asked Angelo

“He shouldn’t be there. It is terrible. “He Replied

“I can’t reach him on the phone.” Stella said as she sounds nervously.

“Guys, let’ go before it’s will be too late, Hurry!” Car engine sounds. The group went towards Jacky’ Home to save Ven from danger through a certain cause.



“Possibly, this is the reason why she committed suicide. Ms, Villas, How can I help her to have her death justified? “What do you mean? My daughter is alive. She is at London now for 1 year free study.“ “WHAT??? But???? What the! But?” I got traumatized. My friends arrived. “Yes, Jacky is alive. The news we read last time on the magazine was for Halloween Party. It was distributed during its celebration so every story written there were all fictions. I just found out the cover story at library. Sorry my mistake. hehe” Angelo guiltily explained to me.


Okay, 100% she wasn’t a lost ghost from 2001 but she has a great soul. Would you believe that despite she was introverted student, she graduated most outstanding of our batch? It was because she had understood that her life doesn’t lies on everyone at school. Just because she was like that doesn’t mean she was mean for nothing. She doesn’t need to change for everyone to notice or accept her. She appreciated herself already, she was loved by her family and that’s enough for Jacky to live. Now, I should have known that Jacky was indeed different than the other girl I’ve met yet she wasn’t weird, she was extraordinary for me.. Being far diverse, it will top to conflict when Jacky choose to defense what’s on her side but because she knew the value of diversity, she only work hard silently as she suffered from agony, but her success yelled loudly. That’s Jacky!

photo credited to https://meneervanvugt.com/2014/12/05/lonely-girls/







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  1. We shouldn’t belittle someone just because they have the shortcomings manifested. So undoubtedly we are, dwindling them for their mistakes doesn’t make us more sophisticated but we define ourselves for being tribunal in some way. 😊

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