Will You Listen to Their Judgment?

By John Mark R. Julaspi

“To be measured by someone’s judgment will merely surge I-should-have-to in your lifetime”…………

Failure will simply need to break you from living your dream. I actually define some cause of failure which it’s moreover refers to any person, reminiscences, doubts, burdens, torture or somewhat that will stop you from doing want you wanted because once it happens to us, we will become exhausted of dreaming. It discourages us rather to give up what we are fighting for. And when we give up, then to end we failed.

Just because someone telling you that you don’t deserved for it, it doesn’t mean you have to stop chasing it. Just because you have lost somewhat important, it doesn’t mean you have to loss living. The fact is, the whole thing in this world does have no control over your life if you only don’t hang on to whatever that will distress you. One way to avoid is be insensitive. You won’t feel pain when you are insensitive either truth or false blamed you yet you just turn into courageous over it. But when someone controlled you, clearly you have no freedom. Freedom is your voice, now how can everyone hear your rights when you have no voice to speak?

In some way, there are in fact people, who only know to judge yourself, criticize your work instead of supporting it. To tell they dislike you thus you have to change or to adjust. They are certainly the one who will carry off the freedom from you. Remember, no one can define you only yourself. When you change yourself as they wanted, you let them define you, you let your freedom be took away from you and it’s not yourself anymore! Do you want to be someone they wanted? Or do you want to be someone you wanted? Choose cleverly between these two options because at the end, you will suffer and it will merely surge I-should-have-to in your life. Then when you regrets, you will doubts and doubts top to failure!

photo credited to http://motheringoutsidethelines.com/what-to-do-when-your-atypical-kid-is-being-bullied/


3 thoughts on “Will You Listen to Their Judgment?

      1. Be thankful of what The Almighty God given to u! Judgement of others are also blessings, it’s just about how u handle and use them.


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