Today is Dreaming about Gadget


Dear Reader, 


As I am in this training center of ICI Building, learning robotics matter, I suddenly desire to have smart phone or digital camera (hehe) to wherever travel or place I go; I can take a selfie, photographing the different atmosphere or the attractive views on my camera. One thing that is same significant is to have regularly remembrances by setting it on the photographs.

Just now, I have always lent a cellphone from my classmates to capture my moments here in iligan city then since it is not my phone, using it is limited and worst yet, some have deleted because they need to save their own picture more than mine. I understand well. I began to update my blog when our trainer in Networking, Sir Jerrum says, it would end up good and it would be convenient. Additionally, Inspired by some movies; I think I wanted to be a famous blogger.male-travel-photographer-on-cliff-1-500

On my Facebook account, I typically posted different status arises with the first sentence, “DEAR FACEBOOK” and those are made from my own feelings and understanding as human being. I’ve found it so unique and very inspirational to share even it is not good to some viewers. Now I have already my blog, some stuff comes to my mind like it would be better if I added a picture in every post I shared here thus everyone would believe it perhaps if they were the same as me, they would be inspired or they can relate too. But for now, I just added some photos or pictures in here that I’ve downloaded on internet for my post. Luckily, If I have already my smart phone, it would be better and anytime I can update my blog just like other blogger. They used to share their experience through writing and then photographs the moment where this experience for instance is happening and then post it to their blog with their pictures, it just like amazing and inspiring. hehehe


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