By John Mark R. Julaspi

“Failure isn’t the reason for us to end up dreaming.”
Failure is just a consequence of somewhat you didn’t attain over difficulties. Yet, this is turn out to be part of our lives. Everyone had experienced failure even Mayor Rudrego Duterte conceded this before becoming president of the Philippines; even Douglas Engerbalt failed more or less every time before he came to be successful and invented the computer mouse or even the scientist had encountered failure before conceived certain invention. Definitely, it is impossible to live without failure everywhere we go; failure is at all times with us to break from attainment our visions, to dishearten us and blows us down. It is a communal thing that ensues to every single man in this world.
When we dream, we did everything just to attain it through undertaking hard work or exerting effort with bravery and grit. But even if we did it now, we still come across failure where sometimes we are on the finishing portion. Consequently, some other people tend to give up thinking that to obligate his vision is not his fortune. Sometimes we failed not through ourselves it is through the people nearby us Therefore we tend to blame that person who turned out to be the cause of our disappointment but some other people will just admit it and authorization it all in the name of god. We must think paramount and ease the minute we failed, let’s not be conveyed by madness since we might get into trouble over it. Life is full of failure we should be acquainted with it to attentive behaviours that may perhaps upset other people when we failed, that we may end up dreaming, that we may miss our faith and hope thru it.
Failure is always attend us wisdom not a mistake. When we failed, this means we have done a bit erroneous; something is not upright sufficient besides something must occur for there might stand a reason why. Its wisdom to evade the things we had through formerly and do what essentially the right is. However, regardless of failure, certain successful people thought they had failed several times. They even encountered altered challenges but they don’t end up dreaming until they succeed. But although successful people remained even now on the point of being successful they don’t forget to formulate themselves every time since failure is far and wide.
On the other hand, we students, employees, poor, merchants who are on the way to make our dream come true, must don’t give up with it just because we failed. Let’s set to our thinker that it is just but a failure though it is part of our lives, this won’t take long the minute we experienced it so we must stand again all the time mainly if we feel collided to the ground. We must hold on believing because there is no reason not to attain our dream we have in our lives. WE JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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