Exploring Cagayan De Oro (Day 1)

Dear Readers,

Leaving Iligan, city where you were staying with the person you treated like your own family  was tough. As  what I had done when I went separately from my family in Sulu, I Have to adjust again to the new atmosphere here in Cagayan De Oro. At the start when I say goodbye to my friends in iligan city, I felt so emotive. I couldn’t break desperate in the bus thinking about them. When we were at our new apartment here in CDO, I cried more than I cried when I could still see them in front of me.

At the moment I was in my fresh room watching a movie, Marhana sent me a GM that revealed how she was so longing for the instant we had together with Arman. All of a sudden it certainly recaps me our reminiscences there. Hiking together at night, went to plaza talking about our lives, smiling together with our tales and amusing moment, couldn’t comfort but to cry over and over again before I sent a call to her. Marhana said over the phone that they missed me so much, they were doing the same moment as what we both did then but it’s undeniably lacking without me, such a blue conversation. I cried nonstop like i never ensured it before in my entire life.

1st day of a new memory, March 3, 2018 in the morning but I was still tired to wake up from bed when sir Jonacks knocked the door. Sir Jonacks presented us to the wizmasters store and EST Techno Dev Office for our ojt employment.


We eat our first launch here at Fried Chicken (I forgot hhehe) and of course with sir lodi Mhudz. Have you seen the photos below?


It was my order then take a look how I finished it (hahaah). After eating we went to all the malls here in CDO. Playing games, and singing at the vedioke amusement in Ayala Mall and as usual “WINDOWS SHOPPING.”

First thing that captured my attention was the painter who was sketching a picture of a couple. Sketching is one of my habits so why standing at the exit door waiting for nothing when I enjoyed seeing someone sketching a realistic face where I was wishing to see how a painter do it?

Then the yellow Auto displayed in the Mall. You would feel lovely when you meet these cats  and cool as fresh of a cold water when you see different kind of these cutie pie fishes. You would choose to go with friends to the children’s play ground and stuffs to remember your childhood than longing to the person who don’t deserve to have you.  It was really amazing!


When we were exhausted, we rest at the 4th floor of LimKetKai. I slept on the plastic grass suddenly the security says “no no. bawal yan. bawal then   I said slowly “Eto na nga ho. Tatayo na hoh.” heeheh…

At around 6 P.M we went home. What was worst? We lost from our way home yet thank God we went back home earlier.

Now, it seems like longing to my friends there in iligan city had lessen slightly. It seems little by little I can admit the point that I should be immune even without close friends by my side………..



One thought on “Exploring Cagayan De Oro (Day 1)

  1. Your longing to somebody that you use to hold back was still in your heart.however, we’re glad to heard that you’re now moving forward towards your happiness despite of melancholy.
    anyways, the what a nice place there in cdo. hope there is an opportunity to come in that place so that we can create a new pleasure together with liplap:}


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