It’s A Meme Time

By just a simple expression with its image, it will amuse us somehow. It makes us laughing, touches our emotions and gives us buzzing. It is Meme.  As this new age band, meme is certainly used to describe thoughts that provide values.  It is from the Greek word abbreviated form  “mimeme,” which means “something imitated.” You will understand more about meme When you started to read them, I am pretty much sure that you would end up laughing and transmit to what you have sensed this moment. Share this meme below to your friends and let them know what you feel and spread joy and comfort.

Did you cried because your girlfriend left you? and what was their reaction to you? and what did you said? 1

Do you have a crush? Do wanna let her know about it? Malay crush kadin non. This meme is one way to confess your feeling for her. Upload it on facebook or twitter, share it to your timeline. let it passing to her wall.18

Hindi kaba maka move on sa Ex mo? ito ang tama sayo…..2

Ay ito alam kong may Bestfriend kang ganito. Yung bang may crush ka, tapos sa kaka O.A ng bestfriend mo na siya ito ang parang mamatay na sa kilig, PATTAY! mamahalata ng lalaki na crush mo siya. Share mo to promise madaming makakarelate. Earn more likes!17

O di kaya ito pang Good time…..4

O ito na nag pa playsafe pose… haaha16

Nang cheat ba sayo ang girlfriend mo o baka feeling mo lang?7

Bigla siyang bumait sayo, bigla na iba yung trato niya sayo akala mo On the way to Forever na, Akala mo siya na si Mr. Right Pero at the end of the day………….8

Ay, Dito. Ito makakarelate ako… 9

Anong ginagawa mo ngayon?3

Let your girlfriend, crush, bestfriend or friend feel you are always with them/him/her. 11

O baka naman gusto mong magalit sa boyfriend mo? O di kaya ano ano ba ang sinasabi mo kapag nag aaway ko tapos bati nanaman ulit? Ito ba?


Galit na galit kana ba sa mga judgemental? at dahil galit na galit kana pati pagsasalita mo na bubulol na? o di kaya may kakilala kabang ganito magsalita kapag nagagalit ng subra?


More memes? just watch out next….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank You!



3 thoughts on “It’s A Meme Time

    1. hehe anyways, sorry for some typographical error. One picture of meme is should be like this “Habang nakatingin ka sa iba, sayo naman nakatingin ang aking mga mata.”


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