I’m Tired Dreaming

IMG20180223125223Just let me express my feelings here that I can never do verbally. There are times that when I am at the corner all by myself, I’m thinking about giving up just because I feel worthless and unrecognized as I am always covered by the shadow of others. Sometimes I want to show what I can do to people not to empress them but to make them understand I have story to be told too. “Please understand me and bear with my ignorance.” As I often whispered this word, sometimes I don’t know if there is a place for someone like me but I keep walking and believing there is. And when I have my strength to face it, I’ve got million reasons to be weakened. Giving up maybe is hard. You will sacrifice the dream you are holding on so far but because you chose it, sometimes it is the way for you to find yourself free for that dream and live another. It is just something you a buy new cloths where you like the second than the first one. It is about setting yourself free from prison. Dream is not always as good as we know even it is only a small or simple as whom we are but sometimes our dream makes unused to our time. We will wake up one day knowing it’s been years that we have sacrificed a lot for it then you find something new to begin dreaming because you realize it’s a big mistake which is we come up to ask ourselves, “How can we avoid dreaming of something we don’t deserve to have?”


4 thoughts on “I’m Tired Dreaming

  1. Sometimes it takes years to see a dream come true. Don’t give up! I had a dream as a child to pursue a vocation… I gave that dream up, and then 30 years later, that dream came true! Hang in there! You may yet see your dreams come true 🙂

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