Did I make it good for Harry Potter’s portrait?


Hi everyone! perhaps you are not aware but I am a fun of Harry Potter. I drew this 8 months later, sorry I just uploaded it this time. I love Harry Potter but actually this is the only drawing that I made because I don’t have stable(? hehe) materials to draw more like drawing book and mechanical pencils I only have my HD pencil and eraser with my short bond papers that I only bought from store when I don’t have left at all. I just love sketching; it becomes my hobby as well like singing. Take a look at the drawing; I guess it needs more enhancements like shading but honestly I don’t have professional training for drawing. I am just watching to the YouTube for Tutorial and for me, I guess I’m doing better compare to the last drawing I made. Hopefully that you guys like this one. This sketching or drawing hobbit is, I inherited it from my father. Just like me, he doesn’t have materials for drawing so as I observed now he is stopping. My father has a very talented gift that he didn’t enhance because of financial matter to provide what he needs for his drawing. That’s the problem of my family now, livelihood status  but we enjoy life. If you observed, this picture is blurred. I captured it via my laptop. I don’t have smart phone up until now. So just let me say sorry. So if you guys like this drawing and you want me to draw more of your favorites just comment below. Or if you have suggestions about some good materials for sketching and drawing, some cheapest that I can afford, I highly appreciated it very much. Thank You and Have a nice day!Image result for skills quotes


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