First Day of Ramadan 2018


My friends woke up too early for the first day of Ramadan. They prepared for the foods then some very nice conversation had happens as I was lying on my bed resting for a moment. I didn’t wake up early like I do really want to do this time for fasting but I have to, it just something that oblige to do as a Muslim with sincerity of course. My friend said it was memorable to have his first day of fasting with us. He never did it 

before perhaps only with her family.


4:38 a.m

Ya, So now here they are in front of me with their Gamis, my god so excited to perform Subuh. Doing this fasting with friends is kind unique obviously because you are far from home as we are on our OJT here in Cagayan, De Oro City then it’s another way of building strong friendship together as you do good deed for yourself and for the one who created you. There are good things happening this moment as I am encoding my new updates for my blog which is this one. I wish I could really have my camera so I could take a video AS i am expressing it through writing.


After I break my fasting, I eat delicious yet sweet foods, I drank coffee with sweetest bread. I hang out for a while, listening to Maher Zain Songs, then I suddenly  asked myself, “Am I being enough, are those things I’ve done enough to be a good followers of Allah?” It just happened every Ramadhan, I guess I’m getting closer to Allah and that’s what I like for Ramadhan. I get peace of mind at the same time it opened my heart towards things I know I should have done for the Sake of Allah and for the sake of those people who needs comport and love as well.

For me to have a fasting during Ramadan is more obviously like you will feel the feelings of suffering from the foods you wanted to eat for your breakfast and launch at some point you will realize that this is how poverty people have suffered for the longest time. Imagine there are people around the world who can’t eat one day, who have no shelter, no income, no relatives. This will only give you insight that you should have to be thankful for your life, for the foods you eat every day and be satisfied of what you have today. I guess apart from my understanding about my religion’s belief, Ramadan is the time for you to feel peace and let love spread to one another.

Oh my God, I wish I have more Ideas to  add  beauty for this post so I could inspire everyone. Sorry for my grammar guys, but I’m learning and practicing English Language so everyone can understand my post. Anyways, thank you for my new followers. Happy Ramadan and May Allah bless us always. 

Live your life like everyday is Ramadan and the Akhirah will become you Eid – Anonymous

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4 thoughts on “First Day of Ramadan 2018

  1. Thank you for reading. Ya, same here. I am in this house we rent with my classmates because we are still taking our ojt far from our place. It just amazing you are doing fasting together then later, talking about past life that makes friendship stronger and we are having fun as well. hehe God bless us.


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