This is My Blog’s T-Shirt


Hi, guys have a good Saturday. What’s up? I’ve been thinking earlier about what new blog I could post today. And now that I’ll be blogging the T-Shirt I want to have with a design of my blog site as a souvenir for the first time. So here it is………

See my unfinished lay-out for my T-Shirt. Being a blogger it takes a hardiest time to have many viewers, likers or followers. It puzzled your brain how you write captivated and inspiring writes up to provide great content on your blog. It is really hard as well to compose especially when you are not English backpeople. Sometimes, you will utterly compare your write ups to others and then you will realize how small you are until you come up to the point of giving up. So far I have only few followers, likers and viewers. But if you really want to be a blogger, the fact is you don’t have to be worried about it. Just enjoy blogging, just write what’s on your mind and share people about your daily life, your habits or anything as long as you won’t hurt others. According to, “It’s not about perfect. It’s about Effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens.” Thus with its point, it’s also like there will always someone who can appreciate you, you must have efforts and love what you are doing. So with this T-Shirt, I am just proud of my blog and it’s another way of letting those reading lovers visit my blog site. That’s all for today, I hope I can give you some thoughts to be proud of what you love. Let’s all spread happiness to our nature and to all those who needed supports and care. I’m so excited for its result. Anyways, if you have suggestions, you can comment below and don’t forget to like and follow me if you like. hehehe.. Thank You and May God bless us always. LIVE LONG LAST, BLOGGERSSSS!!!


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