What would you do when your work is being criticized by destruction?

Good morning everyone. Today is an unpleasant while for me to wake up. Last night I’ve talked to my friends here with regards to my blog being absolutely proud of it. Telling that thank God finally I’ve got likers and followers which make me proud even more like even a simple thing makes me happy.

“Hi, guys. I think I’m falling in love blogging.”

“Your blog is useless. Why would you share with people your life story? Do you think they can relate and inspired?” They unfortunately said it with a sarcastic smile.

“Just write what you wanted I know people will understand and relate on it. I just want to entertain people the way I can.” I clarified it was a blog

Then they give me sample of a great blogger they knew. It wasn’t actually acceptable. They said to use blog for promotion of a certain thing like business. “Posting your daily life story? Who would relate?

I started to get offend. I’ve enlightened them very well what’s surely blog means but still they were kept on defending their side.

Minutes later, they stressed that Sweat thought was where everyone create their blog site. I said NO. It wasn’t. There were a lot of site where you can create it like what I used wordpress because sweat thoughts is the name of my blog. Now they said that they enabled to create their blog using sweat thought. I was like huh?

Then I explained again that sweat thoughts was my blog’s name. I created Sweat thought through wordpress but then they added, “Wow? You made sweat thought? Unbelievable, You just over take programmer with that. “ I was again like Oh my god. Why should I explain it to them if they can’t understand?

Continuing to make me irritating even I had indeed not moving arguing with them, it hurts me as a blogging lover. They just wanted to hurt me that was I thought. So I said them pointed out their nonsense explanation as I was really irritated.

“You know what guys, stop it. In the first place you have known nothing about blogging. Are you guys insecure to me? Wait, I’ve heard you have said earlier your blog, right? Make your blog more inspiring than misjudging others blog. Wait, as far as I know you just created blog site but it’s empty. “ As I wanted to burst out with angriness that night.

They can’t still get me. Until they spoken seems personal. I got mad. When I couldn’t take my temper anymore, I posted to my facebook account my right for my blog as I give advices to those destructors of course, I talked some hashed words as well. I received comments from my instructors and friends with eight likes within three minutes. Some had P.M me over the messenger, so I regret posted it then I immediately delete it. With all of those advices that motivated me and makes me calm, I realized that I was more right when I do is to be patience and have faith, when I just let them criticize my work as I give them sincere smile.

I’m so sad this morning that instead to hear them saying like they are proud of me and they are supporting me because I am starting blogging to give love, inspiration and entertainment, I just heard destructive criticism that I don’t like to hear.


So what I learned last night is;

“You don’t have to explain everything to people when you know they can’t get the point, You will only get hurt, get offended and get wild. All you have to do is just listen to them with a great smile and an open heart and when you can’t take it anymore, just leave. Remember, doing what you love is out of their control.  No matter you are destructed, always find a way to focus. There is always a way, always. “


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