How I’ve got my certificates in Mikrotik (CONGRATS TO ME)


Opera Snapshot_2018-05-22_131501_mikrotik.comThat day, I assumed I could never take Mikrotik Examinations even if my parent wants it for me. It was because we encountered some complications. My sister in abroad has to go back to the Philippines because her contract will end on that month so I had to relay only to the small income of my parent. Then that time, my second eldest sister was suffering from a serious headache and then we spent almost filthy thousands pesos for her treatment. I was hopeless I knew it was really terrible for my family to afford money I needed for the exam and for my ojt additionally. I had often asked my parent if they were truly prepared for me to take this, if not, it was really ok for me.  Then my mother said that I don’t need to worry because my father finally had got his investments. But It was hard to take the money, I knew they saw me the faces I don’t like to see as a son; it’s their smiles with sincerity and willingness to help their children no matter they were in agony.

With efforts and supports from my parent, I saved eighty thousands pesos for these five exams, training including my expenses during ojt in CDO. But before that I searched to the internet the useful of its certificates. And I found its advantages which were very useful especially when I apply abroad so I certainly moved toward my adviser to reserve me a slot for its training and examination. Sir Engr. Roy Pamitalan who was our trainer was very expert in terms of Networking. He has so many licenses as a trainer and as far as I know he was once became part of the United Nation’s Ambassador and the first ever Mikrotik Trainer in the Philippines. So it would be an honor for me to be trained by this expert trainer.

During training, we had taught very clearly and inspiring, never expected that he would treat us like that although we were from Sulu that most of other tribes have unprincipled sensitivity because of the terrorist and troubles that is often happening in here.  It same like that yet instead, Sir Roy wanted to see the beauty in ours that other people’s perspective of our identity  would change that they can see us as the part of its growing industry.

One month later our examination arrived. Honestly, I study hard but I only took  five sleepless nights in one month just to study the possible question of these exams because I was busy on my duty where we went home at always eight P.M which is sometimes I got less energy to study because I’m always tired from duty. With the help of God and our Trainer, Alhamdulillah I passed the exam. So the certificates you are seeing now, these are the certificates that shown I am certified on that certain field. But it’s not the official yet because I still need to have its sign from our trainer.

Expect the unexpected but have patience to wait. Imagine I was dreaming to be certified in Mikrotik. Every time I heard from our senior when they passed the exam, it inspired me. I got motivation to achieve it. Now it became more possible with the help of someone like my family and our trainer. It is one of my bucket lists.

To those of you who have goal in life, have patience to wait as you are making a step towards this goal and when you think you have nobody where you need help, you can always met someone who could lift you up towards victory. Just always accept and understand every situation you are in, listen to everyone and to your family when it’s for your own good.

MTCNA – Mikrotik Certified Network Associate.

MTCRE- Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer

MTCUME – Mikrotik Certified User Management Engineer

MTCTCE – Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer


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