The Missing Prince and The Witch


Hi, Everyone. Good morning. This day is another journey for me to explore the world with faith and kindness….

This is my sister with our nephew’s Picture. I saw it posted on her Facebook Account last month that earned hundreds of like but I just discovered at this moment something on the picture where it needs a better understanding on how it has a especial expression to me so I downloaded it to post to my blog and giving it a caption that matches what’s in the photo.

I called it, “the Missing Prince and the Witch.”

My nephew is a kind of a child who knows nothing but to play with everyone he met. He doesn’t choose people to play with. Even they are stranger. He is a smiling and happy child why my father couldn’t take a day to miss without seeing him. He gives us happiness in the house, sunshine of our home, a cutest and happiest prince of our kingdom.

While my sister is definitely a cool woman who is stronger than me. Regardless of everything she has been through in life, she become braver to face the challenge she meet. She hates bad people but love to make peace. When she met them, she truly never gives up her right to fight what she deserved. She is definitely a witch who let everyone realize their mistakes by her spell which is her kindness and brave like if there are some bad things they did to hurt people and let them be a good person. But in the picture where she smiles, I interpreted it like she is definitely an evil witch but when she saw a child; she smiles like she never did it before. So my interpretation goes like this…

In the Picture:

“When a prince lost from her kingdom, he didn’t worry at all instead he gives his sincerely smile to remind people to be kind wherever the destiny brings you because for him,  you will always be safe with kindness and you can change people with it.“

It is indeed true that mostly exist in the fairytale story like Cinderella who is always reminded by her fairy God Mother to have faith and be kind. In reality, not everything can be doing this way. But literally, this is not actually what it means to be. It is something that with kindness, there is always a good thing will happen to you.

SO I encourage everyone to have faith and be kind………. God bless Us All.



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