“I’m done with my OJT, Now I’m about to leave Cagayan De Oro City. Who Am I then?”

Hi readers, it’s me again….

Going back home, it would be new version of myself, I guess. This is because of what I’ve been through here to overcome my fear and introversion, to experience distress alone, and that one of the unbelievable achievements to be kept forever. Before I was introvert and I was always hiding and I’ve always put down myself because of comparison, self-pity and underestimation by someone else, but now I finally found myself better. I don’t know but when my ojt started I suddenly realize everything I have so far like I finally discovered my talents, my worth, my knowledge, and it just something that makes me unique from everyone else. Maybe my learning is far from what I expected about it especially with my field because I never had been trained to be a professional one but I am being trained to work, that’s what important And what I have explored most is myself and my personality. Being far from home is like being starting to live a new life and this new life is the reflection of your past where it changed your perspective to be refreshed and to be new. Besides of OJT, I explored a lot here in this big city.  However, since I came here whenever I’ve been longing to my family but now sometimes when I get to think it’s also hard to leave this place behind for some reason. We can’t avoid meeting other people and then became part of our lives and create memories with the new environment like When I Auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother Season eight at General Santos City and this is actually the reason why i didn’t do blogging these past few days and of course I’ll be telling you guys my experience on it, When I carried heavy Computer and Technology Stocks, When I lived independent from my family in terms of time, physical appearance, meeting and conversation and Noong nanghimatay ako after naming nag vedioke kasama yung instructor naming sa ICI. PS. Di ku ma constructs sa English. Ahaha

To be continued…… Speechless for now. hahaah


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