“A Surprising Gift from my Friend”

I was thinking that it was so sad without bringing any gift for my family when I go back home. I wanted to buy but I only had few saving which is I can’t afford anything for a gift. I had only less than five hundred pesos saving and it was three days of staying before we go back home from Cagayan De Oro City so I still need to consider some expenses I can use along the way. Yet I don’t want to go back home without it for my family so I asked my friend if He wanted to sell me his Speaker he bought at Wizmaster Store, he said no, but he want it to give it to me as his gift for my graduation day. I appreciated it so much that finally at least even a speaker only, I can bring it home where I can use every time we watched movie on my laptop with my family to hear its sounds louder and clear and as pa

34049212_330335674158872_4226664598595436544_nrt of my souvenir. But I don’t want to take it without paying him at least one hundreds pesos, he didn’t take it but I forced him. After a minute ago, He wrapped it well by its case with a tight tie from a plastic tape before I kept it inside to my stroller bag.

When we arrived to Zamboanga City, perhaps eleven hours of travelling from CDO via Rural Bus, I checked in hotel with my friends here at Embassy Hotel, Zamboanga City. When we were silent, I asked my friends if they wanted to listen to music because I have a speaker we can use. I got it out from my stroller bag. I removed its cover and the tape and when I opened it, I got surprised when I saw one hundred pesos stored inside the case.

I thought my friend had used up the money already since we were in CDO and besides, he took it. But he stored it to the Case to surprise me because he really doesn’t like to take the money and its part of his gift to me. Besides, he knows I need money then for my long travel.

This was actually the first ever that I was really surprised. That feeling you didn’t think any more about something you give away and you expect it’s over already, and then you will suddenly see, it has been return to you because you needed it most that you will be given something you like without something in return.




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