“Finally I’ve got my OJT Certificate yet another duty to take for it”

Hi, Guys. After about four months of my duty at E.ST TechnoDev, Cagayan De Oro City including my schooling on Robotics and Internet networking at ICI, Iligan City, finally I have now these certificates. Unfortunately for my duty hours, I have got 468 only which is not yet complete because I have to get 700 total of hours according to the prospectus of I.T so I need to complete it by having another duty at any offices in  Jolo or it can be at school defend on our Adviser or else my OJT grade will be marked as INC possible I can’t graduate this year so I need to complete it immediately right after I’m home already.



Maybe you are wondering why I only have these hours.

I have many absences and lateness during my Duty. I can still remember then that I was just tired of working, and I’ve always got a sick and I wasn’t always healthy as how healthy my ojts mates were but it doesn’t mean I didn’t work as it should be. I’ve often do whatever the employees asked me. Of course I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I went to complain when I was so tired but at the end, this was part of work so I haven’t to be complained.

Despite I’ve spent my whole life just for this requirement at CDO, it’s okay with me to take this new risk not only because for the sake of my hours but in fact it would be another opportunity for me to enhance my skills because all I want is to learn and explore while I’m still studying for I know I’m going to miss this way when time comes and I can use this for my future career if ever. So Good luck to me. I’m so excited to take this risk again at the new environment. P.S no more complain, just work.

Any tips of how OJT student do their duty efficiently?


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