Dear readers,

It’s good to be back to the online world especially to my blog. When I went back home from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, I had to wait for a longer time because the connection of the signal at our barangay was cut off a while for a technical problem. I had so many things to share to my blog then but what can I do when I had no connection those weeks? It was a lost to be considered for I wasn’t use with that happening but I’ve still got a lot of lesson through it like I realized to spend more time to the real world since I was so dependent to the online way back when I was at Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.

One of the happiest moment today is when I went back home from school accomplishing my graduation requirement, I got surprised by the signal finally I have my connection now. And guess what? Yes that I am now always update to my blog. If God’s will, I will be sharing you how we celebrate Eidil Fitre, how was my reaction when I went home after four months of leaving, how was our school now, sharing you some side of Sulu and why I didn’t attend to our recognition day where I was one of the awardees.

This month I am still so busy for our upcoming graduation day that will be held on June 23, 2018 so it will be this week or it seems a summary of all those events that I can’t even total and recall because there were a lot of them. I hope so that I can publish it instantly after I write it……………………………………….Until next day of my updates.



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