Graduation Day

Have you still remembered the hardiest things you met when you were studying?  The countless time you revised and made your thesis? The pages you memorized your lectures for your exams? The fear you overcame for your oral recitation, the miles you walked from home to school? The money you spent for your enrollment fee, college fee, and transportation and savings? The tears you dropped when you failed your subjects, the support and love that your parents and family had given to you? The bonding with your friends around and the moment you know you can’t move on?

All of these will be mattered when you graduate or when you are done schooling.

The essence of Graduation is anonymous. When you only appreciate yourself during the time you were still studying, the essence you will know is precious. Anything can’t buy it especially when you moved with it. Certainly All graduated students have felt this way. Who would never? Imagine after all those time of studying in which sometimes we tent to give up because of the hardiest challenges but then one day you will be asking yourself quickly, “ Will I really graduate this year?” Sounds like you can’t believe this is happening to you now.

It is that you are now done studying that this word done is not just done but it something you have met the levels of challenges where you conceded it before you formed  it. It’s not just something that is easy to do or reach, it’s something where you shared tears and lifeblood before you distinguish you has this done yet it’s another level of challenges to take when you done with it.

Different tears you will see during graduation day either they cry because they succeed or they cry because they will miss student life and both are one of the reasons why we should value graduation day and our time when we were still studying.

Graduation is your victory, the fruit of your labor, the result of all the exams you took, the payment of your services indeed graduation  is the whole thing and with it, would verified why there are students crying when they will proclaim as the graduates.

Enjoy your college life. It’s hard to turn back something that has happened but the harder is when you know you can’t do again the things you didn’t  do at the same place and time. Grab all the opportunity that your school have and don’t break the minute of your success, after you did it you will certainly say, “I wish today will last forever.” It’s a word you appreciated something you made that everyone can’t do because they didn’t do, a question of something you can’t believe it’s a miracle to think. .  BE PROUD and keep on walking……………………………………………………………….CONGRATULATIONS.


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