Lutaw- One of the Tausug Superstitious beliefs

Have you ever asked if the ghosts of the diverse tribes are the same? Have you seen a ghost in your time? How does it feel? Are you scared? Are the ghost real? Are you familiar with the ghost of the Tausug — people who lived in Sulu?

Today let’s ride to the Tausug superstitious belief,

Lutaw is from the Tausug word in English Ghost. Just like other tribes, most of the tausug alleged that the existence of Lutaw is real.  If you were asked if you have seen a ghost previously then you should have said yes otherwise lutaw must be shown themselves to you. This is the trivia believes by some people of Sulu yet typically happened in realism if you don’t trail.

Lutaw is an evil spirit called also a shaitan in Islamic term. Shaitan cloned the presence looks of the dead; a sinful man must be the victims of the Shaitan. To find more sins, shaytan as a ghost used this form by scaring people; mostly they shown their present to the relatives of the dead.

The lutaw creature can be seen usually at the back of the banna tree and if full moon, they are standing at the field to look up to the moon desiring to free themselves in hell. Lutaw has its similarity to the Ghost of Malaysian called “Pucong.” Like Pucong,  Lutaw is covered the entire body by the white clothes only their faces shown which just like how the body of the dead of the Tausug being covered. They can be detected by thier unusual smell and when the hair of a person gets stand-up particularly at the back of his nick surely that the lutaw is with him. It is likewise possible that so even a good person died when is invited by a sinful one- The lutaw he will as well be a lutaw. Lutaw lastly disappeared after fourthly days of a dead person in the grave whom Shaitan has used to clone the appearance of this said person.

However, there are religious tausug group doesn’t believed to this creature. Though it is a shaitan but it only bothers the human mind without being existed physically. Since you are too scared accept as true there is really lutaw whatever creature sees at night you will think of it as the lutaw.

But do you really believed in Lutaw? Can you share your experience about it? Just comment and share to the world.

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