“Wedding My Winter”

It was one week before our wedding day, yet from that very moment I was so ready. My beautiful bride approached me under the tree where I was looking inspired towards the clear blue sea, Then she asked me as she holds my hand tightly, “You are about to take me forever, are you truly ready? . “

I must admit that I got pressured a little bit, I was only afraid I could not do my obligation being her partner. It crashes me the reality of making a family was harder. But I was badly waiting this right time, I knew this was this, my life starting to shine,3c0f51fb236422212211c28d89505cba.jpg

I was certain that Allah never went wrong to send me her, I knew we could be partner forever.  7:00 P.M, December 24, 2016, Everything I was picturing out was in at this moment. The blessings from Allah, from our family, from our friends, Especially the precious joy of the children, the brightness loveliness of our surrounding, It was just perfect and dreamlike, I just wish that everything next would be like this night. Then so sudden that she dropped tears, our day has just over after we uttered our vow with each other, for so sad when she was sudden shocked, was started to slowly lay down the carpet;she could not see nor she could speak, she was comatose , then the woman I never thought I could lose.

  • JM


Photos are from https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/463307880397339157/


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